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About the artist

Nestor Barbitta graduated as Audiovisual Designer from the University of Buenos Aires.

He is a photojournalist, professional drone pilot and teacher of photography.

Winner of the 3rd prize Itaú Artes Visuales 2019-2020 with his aerial photography “Partido”.

Why buy a photo as a work of art?

1. Artistic Photography

Photography is one of the youngest visual arts and at the same time already in the artistic realm of excellence.

2.Numbered series and Certificate of Authenticity

The limited edition is more attractive for collectors because of its value. Buyers of limited editions usually make their decision based on the number of prints that make up the series. The number of the photo editions on this page can be found in the description of each of the works.
The works sold on this site are numbered limited editions with certificate of authenticity.

3.The highest Quality Standard

Many of my artworks have been recognized internationally, some have been published and others have won awards in different parts of the world.
For my works I use Hahnemühle Fine Art papers of worldwide recognized museum quality.

Why decorate an office or waiting room with an aerial photo?

The success of a business meeting, a job interview or a meeting between professionals also depends on the atmosphere conveyed by the space in which the meeting takes place.

1. Serenity and concentration on the objective:

The tensions and nerves that often anticipate business meetings can be dissipated thanks to the decoration of the space.
Aerial images are ideal for conveying serenity, as they generally belong to natural spaces. They also help to avoid unnecessary distractions, as they are almost always abstract images with organic shapes and placid tones. In this way, meeting participants will be able to relax, without losing the necessary focus and self-control.

2. An original aesthetic:

We often visit offices or waiting rooms that are decorated with posters or reproductions of famous paintings, which we have already seen ad nauseam.
The pictures you can purchase in this shop are works of art that belong to a limited series of prints. This will give your office or studio a practically exclusive decoration, which will make your workspace unique and pleasing to the eye.
It is advisable that the chosen pictures match the colour range of the furniture and walls, so that they blend in with the environment in a more harmonious way.

Decorate your workspace with an original artistic photograph

Your office, the reception area of your workspace, or your meeting room can have a special personality when decorated with an artistic photo.

stunning drone photography

Buy original artworks direct from the artist. Limited edition aerial photography with signed certificate of authenticity.

Internationally awarded photographs

Some of these photos were finalists or winners of prestigious international awards. Fine art photographs printed on Hahnemühle high quality paper, in large size.

A pedestrian bridge over the Arrayanes River - buy fine art photography online
The Tatio Geyser - abstract aerial photography on sale
Duna Rolando - fine art portraits
Road through the snowy forest - large size aerial photography
A life behind a counter - fine art portraits on sale
Highway intersection - urban aerial photography
A small island at the Morro de Sao Paulo - decorative photography
Partido - limited edition photography
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