We, the places

About the performance:


In this kind of experiment, an actress and a photographer got together. With our video performance we want to reflect on -also with you- our role within society, facing a new way of thinking the world.


Can we have a different point of view about things that happen to us in our daily life? There is a normalizing link between the spaces and their people. The disposition of human beings in the spaces we occupy. The places that determine our routine behaviors. How was our life locked up? What will this rhythm be like from now on?


As artists we can be able to handle any kind of tool, thus facing the emptiness that technology tries to impose on us. In this performance we use drone images as a documentary registration instrument and social network´s material requested or appropriating them. Through the scenic performance we will try to express the sensation´s sway during confinement and its subsequent inference. The human being pushed to the limit of his rationality and forced to deal with his innermost limitations.

About the artists

Chela Sacan


Marcela (Chela) Sacán was born on April 9, 1990 in Buenos Aires; Argentina. Graduated with an acting degree from the National University of Arts. She studied at The San Martín National Theater. Also with Claudio Tolcachir (Timbre 4 school) and Norman Briski (Caliban Theater).

She trained in stand up with Emilio Tamer and improved her vocal techniques with Daniela Basso. In theater, she participated in several projects with renowned directors of the off circuit theater: such as Claudio Pérsico, Lucas Santa Ana and Blanca Rizzo, among others.

She participated in international films, series and commercials with different directors such as Juan José Campanella and Andy Fogwill.

In 2019 she led an event with renowned actor and comedian Martín Bossi.

She currently resides in Berlin where she participates in the audiovisual activity and the artistic circuit of the city.

Nestor Barbitta

Photographer / Visual Artist

Image and Sound Designer graduated from the University of Buenos Aires. Photojournalist and teacher of several workshops in learning institutions and social projects.

He conducted the workshops of the renowned Argentine photographers Eduardo Gil and Carlos Bosch.

His photographs were exhibited in Argentina, Madrid and Berlin.

His drone images were part of the video installation for the exhibition “Apollo and Dionysus in Argentine Architecture” at MARQ.

His aerial photography of the Chacarita Cemetery was exhibited at the Buenos Aires International Architecture Biennial in 2019.

He participated as a finalist in the prestigious Premio Itaú Artes Visuales during 2018 and 2019, winning the 3rd prize in 2020.

His exhibition “Coordinates of Everyday Life” was shown at the Argentine Embassy in Berlin.

He has been living in Berlin for more than a year.

This performance takes place in the context of

This is an Intervention