The Tatio Geyser

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Geyser aerial photography made with drone. This Tatio Geyser photography and other aerial landscapes in nature are printed on Hahnemühle high quality paper. All my limited edition photos on sale come with certificate of authenticity.

The Atacama Desert stretches across the Norte Grande of Chile and covers an area of approximately 105,000 km². Delimited by the Pacific Ocean to the west and by the Andes Mountains to the east, it is the driest non-polar place on our planet.
Extensive salt flats, colorful lagoons, Martian valleys and volcanoes with eternal snow make the Atacama Desert a truly unique place in the world, with one of the purest air that human beings can breathe.

One of the attractions of the region are the Tatio Geysers, the third largest geyser congregation in the world, and the most important in the southern hemisphere.Located at more than 4200 meters above sea level, the water emerges powerfully from these holes at high temperature, generating sulfur vapors (called “fumaroles”) of incredible beauty. Upon touching the surface of the ground, this water freezes instantly. It is an experience that combines extreme temperatures in the same place, to the amazement of its visitors.

To get to the Tatio Geysers, you have to leave San Pedro de Atacama when it is not yet dawn, and take a dangerous yet fascinating route that winds along dormant volcanoes and desert steppes. The earlier you arrive at the site, the higher the “fumaroles”, which begin to decrease in size after 7 pm.

The large sulfur component draws from the sky this yellow eye, from the center of which the violent steam rises. Two people observe the spectacle, and their projected shadows give us a dimension of the magnitude of this space in permanent boiling.

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Only the print of the photograph is sold. The frame is not included. Ask about framing possibilities.

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