Bristol Beach – Special Edition

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Colorful aerial photography printed on large size Hahnemühle high quality paper. This drone photography and other aerial landscapes are limited edition artworks and come with certificate of authenticity.

“La Bristol” is one of the most popular beaches on the Argentine Atlantic coast, and one of the most traditional in the city of Mar del Plata. There is no Argentinean who has ever spent a summer in Mar del Plata, and who has not lived at least one day the experience of being in the Bristol Beach.

Summer after summer, thousands of people congregate in this not very wide space of brown sand and gray, rough sea. Often there is so little distance between the umbrellas that the belongings of each family are mixed and confused with those next to them.
The tradition of the summer in Mar del Plata implies overcrowding, long hours of exposure to the sun, drinking mate, eating the typical pastries offered by street vendors, and playing games under the protection of the parasol, almost always with cards. An orderly chaos. A tide of people passing through.

Do we really choose where to spend our vacations? Or do we need to feel part of the swarm even when we take a break from our routine?

This photo was shortlisted for several international awards. It is in a special large series of 10 prints. Only available upon request.

Material: Hahnemühle Photo Silk Baryta 310 gm

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Only the print of the photograph is sold. The frame is not included. Ask about framing possibilities.

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Note: The spaces where the photos are displayed are illustrative images and their purpose is to guide the client with regard to the aesthetic and decorative possibilities of the photos. The final printed photo may vary in proportion and colour tone with respect to what you can see on your screen. Only the print of the photograph is sold. The frame is not included. Ask about framing possibilities.

3D Interior Rendering: Bacco Studio

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