Pedestrian bridge over the Arrayanes River

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Aerial river landscape photography taken with drone in Argentine Patagonia, printed on Hahnemühle high quality paper. This aerial nature photography and other abstract aerial photos are limited edition artworks and all of them come with signed certificates of authenticity.

This suspension bridge (also known as Pasarela) crosses the Arrayanes River, in the region belonging to Los Alerces National Park, in Chubut, Patagonia Argentina.
This National Park has an area of almost 260,000 ha and was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2017.
This hanging footbridge allows you to admire the majestic beauty of this crystal clear river, surrounded by mountains and inhabited by a unique biodiversity.

Whenever I visited Patagonia and came to this place, I dreamed of the possibility of seeing that bridge from above, which in turn was destined to give fascinating views from a considerable height to anyone who crossed it.
Thanks to this aerial shot, the suspension bridge over the Arrayanes River ceased to be a height limit and became part of the landscape itself. River and bridge, now seen from the sky, converge in a single plane: nature and human footprint.

You are invited to visit my section “Aerial landscapes” to see other similar works.

Material: Hahnemühle Photo Silk Baryta 310 gm

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Note: The spaces where the photos are displayed are illustrative images and their purpose is to guide the client with regard to the aesthetic and decorative possibilities of the photos. The final printed photo may vary in proportion and colour tone with respect to what you can see on your screen.

3D Interior Rendering: Bacco Studio

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