Intersection during rush hour

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City landscape photography made with drone and printed on Hahnemühle high quality paper in large size. Limited edition artwork of aerial photography with certificate of authenticity.

With a surface area of 203 km² and a population density of approximately 15,000 inhabitants per km², the city of Buenos Aires is undoubtedly one of the main capitals of Latin America.
More than 3.5 million people enter the city daily from the outskirts (province of Buenos Aires), adding to the more than 3 million people who already live in the city. On weekdays, rush hour traffic is a real chaos, especially in the neighborhoods where commercial and financial activity is concentrated. The traffic is also very noisy, since most of the transport is still gasoline-powered, which explains the high levels of air pollution.

For those who go to work in the morning, returning home can take hours, since most of them have to travel by public transport with an inaccurate frequency, always crowded with people. A sort of pilgrimage, dirty and risky, to which it is inevitably necessary to get used to in order to survive.

The aerial view over one of the intersections of Corrientes Avenue (which is 8.6 km long) and Alem Avenue, takes us away for a moment from the noise, the clutter and the overcrowding. Only from above can we find the beauty within the chaos.

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Only the print of the photograph is sold. The frame is not included. Ask about framing possibilities.

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Note: The spaces where the photos are displayed are illustrative images and their purpose is to guide the client with regard to the aesthetic and decorative possibilities of the photos. The final printed photo may vary in proportion and colour tone with respect to what you can see on your screen. Only the print of the photograph is sold. The frame is not included. Ask about framing possibilities.

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