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Fine art photography printed on Hahnemühle museum quality paper. Limited edition of fine art portraits with certificate of authenticity. Sale of art photography direct from the artist, without intermediaries.

Norberto Cólera is the owner of a century-old general store in the town of Gouin, located in the province of Buenos Aires. His grandfather, Pascual Cólera, founded it in 1915 shortly after migrating from Barcelona.
Argentina was one of the New World countries that received the most immigrants during the period of mass emigration. Although in absolute terms the number of immigrants who settled in the country between 1880 and 1930 was lower than that of the United States, Argentina was the country that had the highest proportion of foreigners in relation to its total population. According to the 1914 census data, one third of the country’s inhabitants were foreigners.

Argentina had a moment of railway splendor during the 20th century. In those years, 17 trains passed through Gouin every day, connecting the capital with the interior of the country.
Nowadays there are only 120 inhabitants left of the 1000 that there used to be in times of greater economic prosperity.
The Cólera brothers continue today with the family legacy, keeping this store almost unchanged through time. With few but loyal customers, there is Norberto, day after day, behind the counter.

This photo has been selected to participate in the international exhibition “Norte al Sur”, and was exhibited at the CCEBA in Buenos Aires.

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Only the print of the photograph is sold. The frame is not included. Ask about framing possibilities.

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Note: The spaces where the photos are displayed are illustrative images and their purpose is to guide the client with regard to the aesthetic and decorative possibilities of the photos. The final printed photo may vary in proportion and colour tone with respect to what you can see on your screen. Only the print of the photograph is sold. The frame is not included. Ask about framing possibilities.

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