Architecture photography

Architecture photography (also Architectural photography) is a speciality that records and describes man-made spaces. The union between the art of photography and the art of architecture originates with the very creation of photography. The first photograph taken by Joseph Niepce in 1826 was of a group of buildings from a window. This image, which is still preserved today, shows the photographer’s interest in light and shadow, the fundamental basis for the photographic image.

From the urban, architectural photography allows the description of the city and the context of the architectural work. An image can clearly show the relationship of a building or structure to the surrounding environment.

Interior photography.

In the context of interior photography or interior design, images document the relationship between the space created by the architect or interior designer, and the different elements that inhabit it, such as furniture, colours, textures, light sources and lighting.

Amazing spaces shown through photography

Architectural photography makes it possible to show or visualise the space (the work) and the balance between the void and its relationship to that which contains it. A building is situated in the context of the city, the work has a dialogue with its surroundings, standing out or blending in, going unnoticed or being noticed.

Architectural photography service

My specialisation in architectural photography allows me to document various projects by different architects. My architectural images have been published in books and specialized magazines, portfolios of studios or construction companies, Real State catalogues, real estate, architecture exhibitions and have also been used as study material in architecture, design and urbanism degrees. Architectural photography services are very useful for construction companies, urban planners and real estate developers.


I have also specialized in aerial photography with drone, photojournalism, portrait photography, product photography and audiovisual media.

Professional architectural photography and interior design photography services

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Additional multimedia services

For additional services I invite you to visit the Complemento project where I participate along with other design, illustration and architecture professionals.

Architecture photography - Plaza Congreso - Buenos Aires