Professional photography service

I am a professional photographer specialized in portrait, product, corporate events, photojournalism, performing arts, theater, dance, music, and aerial drone photography. I graduated in Audiovisual Design from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have worked as a freelance photographer for a variety of clients, including companies, organizations, freelancers and artists. I have also exhibited my work in several galleries and spaces in different parts of the world.

Concert Photography

Is an artistic discipline that captures fleeting and exciting moments during live musical performances, spanning a wide range of genres, from classical music to rock, pop, and other music types. It focuses on artistic expression, the energy of the artists, and the connection with the audience, using light, composition, and perspective to convey the unique atmosphere of each performance, providing a visual testimony of the passion and intensity that characterize live music.

Performing Arts Photography

The photography of theater and performing arts focuses on capturing live performances in an artistic and documentary manner, whether on stage, in a theater, or in outdoor open spaces. My professional experience covers a wide range, from classical and contemporary dance to performance and all types of activities related to the world of the performing arts. My role as a photographer is to capture the expression and movement of artists on stage, capturing the emotion and narrative of the works in which they participate. I have also created professional portfolios for artists, always considering their distinctive features, skills, and individuality. I have produced photos for theater posters and promotional material for theater and dance projects in various parts of the world.

News Photography

Photojournalism is a form of visual communication that narrates significant or noteworthy events through images. As a member of the Argentine Association of Photojournalists, my commitment is to work professionally and document current events objectively and meaningfully for society. My photos, published in Argentine and international media, have contributed to informing the public and providing an independent perspective in the news narrative, illustrating stories that range from local to global, aiming to offer a visual account of contemporary history.

Commercial Photography

This type of photography focuses on creating high-quality images intended to promote products, services, or brands for commercial purposes. This type of photography aims to capture products attractively, highlighting their features and benefits to attract consumers. It is used in advertising, catalogs, e-commerce websites, marketing campaigns, and other promotional media. It is a fundamental tool in the business world to convey effective and appealing messages to consumers.

Aerial Drone Photography

Aerial drone photography is a technique that involves using unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly known as drones, to capture images from an elevated perspective. These devices are equipped with cameras and sensors that allow them to take photographs and videos from various altitudes and unique angles. This form of aerial photography provides panoramic and detailed views of landscapes, buildings, events, and natural settings, allowing for stunning shots and perspectives that would be inaccessible through traditional methods. Drone photography is used in various applications, such as cinematography, event documentation, cartography, architecture, industry, and artistic photography, adding a new dimension to visual creativity.


I also specialize in architectural photography, photojournalism, portraits, product photography and aerial photography with drone.

Professional photography services

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Additional multimedia services

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